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This is not about *that* kind of pillow talk, but more about how our pillows talk! By that, I mean that pillows can say a lot about you. They reflect your style and can help infuse your personality into your home. You know how sometimes you get the home decor blahs? You look around and know you want a change, but you don't want to spend a ton of money to do it. Swapping out pillows is the perfect remedy! There is a lot of opportunity to customize pillows to reflect your personality. Try to think past the usual pattern and color choices. Imagine words or quotes that are meaningful to you placed onto a pillow of your choice. I am in love with how this latest custom project turned out...

Custom Handwritten Note Pillow

These sweet words were in a birthday card written to a client from her mother. The handwritten sentiments were transformed into a huggable pillow that is now a part of her cozy reading corner. Just imagine the immense happiness it must bring her to see these words every time she passes by her favorite chair!

The possibilities for custom pillows are as limitless as your imagination. Let us create a pillow for you that will not only be one-of-a-kind and meaningful, but will give your guests something to talk about!



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