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When birthday party season rolls around in our house, I once again begin my quest for the perfect party favors! As a mom of three, I have a hard time sending something home that will add to the clutter that already comes with having kids in the house! I want to give our little party guests something useful, but I have to remember that the end users are kids, and so the favors also have to be fun! I think I finally nailed it on the head this year with these adorable custom party favors that were passed out at my kids' birthday parties.

Custom Pencil Pouch Party Favors

Custom Party Favor Dinosaur-igami Shirts

For my tween daughter's party, I wanted favors that were mature, but still played into what she and her friends are into these days. I opted for these roomy zippered pouches. I tucked a few glam pencils in there, and they became the perfect pencil pouch for school. They could just as easily be used as a travel bag, or a cell phone holder, or a makeup bag for when these girls are much (much) older! The bags were a blank canvas, and gave me the perfect opportunity to customize them to compliment the Instagram-themed party. My daughter wanted the pouches to showcase a fancy camera, and the phrase 'capture your dreams'. Although these girls are growing up, I knew they'd be in love with the pink, black and gold color palette. I designed a henna-inspired camera image that was surrounded by glorious gold glitter polka dots. You simply can't go wrong with gold glitter! The inpirational phrase in fuschia added a pop of color and transformed plain white pouches into something sophisticated, yet youthful. The perfect finishing touch on these bags was the plush and tassel keychains that I attached to each bag. These fluffy balls are all the rage right now, and paired with the trendy tassels, these favors stood out on at the party as a rainbow of fun! I can't get over how pretty these pouches turned out!

Custom Pencil Pouch Party Favors

I used these pouches as party favors, but they have huge potential. They would be perfect for a bride to gift to her bridesmaids, or could be filled with something special and used as an alternative to a traditional gift bag! Since these pouches can be customized with absolutely anything on them, the possibilities are really limitless.

Once we figured out my daughter's party favors, it was on to my boys' party. My boys are all about origami, and so this was an obvious choice when it came to a theme for their party. A exhaustive Pinterest search brought me to the realization that it was (surprisingly) slim pickings when it came to origami-themed party favors! Who knew? It was going to take some imagination to come up with favors that would be useful, but fun. Origami is a very precise art, and so to balance the severe folds and creases, I wanted to keep our party light and playful. I finally landed on the idea of making custom t-shirts that were origami-themed, but still fun enough that kids would want to wear one. In keeping with the playful interpretation of the theme, the boys and I decided on a play on the word origami, and 'dinosaur-igami' was our winner! The shirts turned out great, and I packed the shirts up in cute treat boxes that were easy to pass out to the party guests.

These shirts were made for kids, but I know a few adults that would totally rock this shirt! Custom shirts make for fantastic party favors. They can be designed to compliment any theme, and are great keepsakes for your party guests. My boys loved passing these out to their friends!

The one thing your guests will take away from your event is your party favor, so make sure your guests leave with something memorable, unique and fun! Something that will remind them of how much fun they had celebrating with you! Let Coach Hill Drive design custom favors for your next event!



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