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Do you ever see something in the store labeled 'vintage' and realize that it's something from your youth? I accept that I'm getting older, but these sightings shock me into a quick reality check. Luckily most of the 'vintage' items I see bring back good memories of my childhood, and for that I am grateful!

I am digging the vintage truck decor that I see in the stores. I especially love the feel of these pieces as the fall and winter months approach. They remind me of my youth and the old pickup trucks I'd see travelling the rural farm roads outside of the town I grew up in. I saw this particular vintage truck in a local craft store and instantly fell in love. There were only a handful left, and I scooped them all up and brought them home. They were plain blue, and adorable all on their own, but I knew I wanted to do something special to customize them. A special client wanted a decor piece that reminded her of the small Ohio town that they she and her husband grew up in. The custom lettering that I added to the side of the truck is reminiscent of the grocery delivery trucks that they used to see on their country roads. The miniature milk and soda crates are the perfect compliment to the piece.

The Martin family wanted something fun to put out on display for the Fall season. I went with a different font feel, switched out the milk and soda crates for miniature pumpkins, and this piece was just begging to be displayed on the family's sideboard, or kitchen counter! These fun trucks are so versatile. As Christmas rolls around, the pumpkins could easily be swapped out with miniature evergreen trees, or miniature gift-wrapped presents, making these vintage trucks easy to display all year long.

I absolutely love how these darling trucks turned out. As you know, I love decor pieces that are unique and make me smile. These trucks fit the bill. I love that a little custom lettering turned these simple blue pickup trucks into truly special pieces that these families will cherish.

Do you have something in your home that you would like to have customized, or turned into a completely unique item? Get in touch with Coach Hill Drive and make it happen!


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