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This July 1st, Canada will be turning 150! The country is gearing up for huge celebrations and red and white decorations are everywhere!

It seems only fitting for a Canadian to honor this big birthday and pay tribute to this great country by sprucing up his place with some Canadian-inspired decor. I had a request to make a pillow that would reflect my client's Canadian heritage. He wanted something iconic, but yet sophisticated.

The collegiate stripes and rustic fabric pairs perfectly with the symbolic maple leaf. I particularly love the unique shape of this pillow. It could be used on a sofa or side chair just as easily as it could be placed os an accent pillow on a bed. The neutral color scheme keeps it very versatile.

Custom pillows are the perfect decor solution. By designing something that is suited to your needs and to your style, you are not limited to the options available in the stores. You can create something meaningful..something more than just a decorative piece. Let Coach Hill Drive help you design a custom pillow that will be the focal point of your sofa!


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