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I am forever telling my kids to please keep their enormous stuffed animal collection under control, yet I am totally guilty of adding to their stash! Who's with me?

I am a grown woman. Surely my days of wanting to squish and hug a stuffed plush are over, right? I'll admit it though...I find it hard to resist the displays of adorable plush Easter toys that are all over the stores these days. The floppy-eared bunnies and the fluffy chicks are just cuteness overload. The fact that they are generally surrounded by shelves of glorious chocolate makes it hard for me to walk past without stopping to admire it all! I am always tempted to grab a few plush bunnies for my kids for Easter, but I want them to be treasured and to stand out from the huge family of other stuffed toys that they will soon join. Personalizing the bunnies is the perfect way to make them extra special for the holiday! I mean could anyone resist this adorable little guy?

Personalized Plush Easter Bunny

Easter baskets are a wonderful tradition, but sometimes you want to give your kids something a little different, and unique. My tween daughter has very specific tastes these days, but still has a soft spot for fluffy stuffed animals. I paired this sweet bunny with an ever-popular EOS balm in a beautiful pastel color, and I absolutely love how it becomes the perfect Easter gift for any girl! You could attach a pretty nail polish bottle, a favorite candy bar, or gift cards to these bunnies and you will have a very thoughtful gift that will make somebunny very happy!

Personalized Plush Easter Bunny with EOS Balm

I'm partial to all things cute, but you just can't go wrong with these custom plush bunnies. Aside from the fact they are so very unique and special, they are furry and soft and will definitely bring joy to someone in your life. My kids will be getting their own this Easter, and I might just have to make one for myself ;)



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